Contract Four


Room Assignments:
Trip prices are based on 4 people per hotel room. Any special room requests will be expected to pay an extra fee to GJT due to increased hotel costs. GJT reserves the right to designate and assign travelers to rooms of up to 4 people per room. GJT must follow hotel requirements and rules while assigning rooms. Friends will be allowed to room together if travelers advise GJT on registration.

Baggage Allowances:
1) Suitcase – Motor Coach Allowance: Each traveler is entitled to one suitcase during the trip. The suitcase cannot exceed 62 total linear inches (length + height + width, excluding wheels and handles), cannot exceed 12 inches on the shortest of the three measurements, and cannot exceed 50 lbs. (23 kgs.) in weight. This applies throughout the trip (please be considerate of the drivers and porters) and on your return trip as well (plan for shopping by packing lighter before you leave home). The following are a few examples of common luggage sizes currently on the market that fit the luggage allowances: 

Baggage space on the motor coach is limited, and we cannot comfortably accommodate more baggage. In fairness to all passengers, our trip manager is instructed to direct any traveler with a suitcase exceeding the allowance to purchase a replacement bag on Day 2 of the tour and to leave the oversized bag behind or ask the hotel to ship it back home, entirely at the traveler’s own expense. If there is room on the motor coach, the tour manager may allow the oversized luggage in which case the traveler must pay $10.00 per day for excess storage fees to the trip manager at the beginning of the tour. If luggage weighs more than 50 lbs., the traveler will be required to carry his/her own luggage between the motor coach and hotel room.

We assume no liability for loss or damage to baggage in transit to and from hotels or while on the trip. We recommend purchasing a supplemental travel insurance package. Payment to Go Journey Trips, constitutes your acceptance of the Trip Contract as set out here. By agreeing below, I certify that I have read the above, understand its content, and agree to its terms knowingly and voluntarily.