Contract Three


• Follow the trip manager and group leader direction and be respectful to others at all times.
• Do not leave the assigned group at any time without permission from the group leader.
• Travelers are expected to participate in ALL activities.
• All Church rules and policies apply during the trip.
• Permission for the traveler to leave with his/her parent will only be granted under special circumstances. Parents will be responsible for the traveler rejoining the group at a specific time and place and will be responsible for returning the traveler directly to the chaperone in a “face to face” meeting. If the parent does not return the traveler to the chaperone at the designated time and place, the parent will be responsible for keeping the traveler.

• Travelers are expected to be up and ready to leave in the morning in order for the group to leave on time. Late travelers will be responsible for private transportation fees to get to group destination.
• No visitors are allowed in their rooms at any time.
• Travelers are not allowed to leave the hotel without the group leader.
• Travelers are responsible for their personal belongings.
• Travelers are responsible for their own spending money.
• Travelers are expected to follow “lights out time”.
• 10:30 p.m. in hotel room curfew, unless the scheduled activity runs late. 11:30 a.m. lights out unless the scheduled activity runs late. Participants should keep in mind the purpose of the trip.

Travelers understand all the rules above and agree to follow them. If a traveler does not follow the direction of the group leader they may receive one warning. Infractions may result in being sent back to their home and/or in paying back GJT for all costs for their portion of the trip. Travelers and parents should be informed that travelers opportunities for travel with GJT may be restricted or prohibited based on the tour manager’s investigation of travelers behavior. Travelers who travel with GJT will not possess or use tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs.

The following behaviors will result in the traveler being sent home immediately:
• Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs
• Hostile or aggressive behavior
• Leaving the group without permission
• Any violations of law

Any Traveler sent home from any trip will be suspended from attending any trip by Go Journey Trips for one year and will need to reimburse GJT for the extra travel expenses. By agreeing below, I certify that I have read the above, understand its content, and agree to its terms knowingly and voluntarily.